SNG7 1904 installed - and now, how to install phones ? a tutorial on the topic?

Hello everyone,
After a first contact with the community a month ago (thanks to people who answered), I decided to use freePBX to manage 3 phones.

A friend installed to help us a server with asterisk for 3 phones. He is not there anymore, the system is down, nothing work properly, a system update broked the internet connection… I would like to restart from scratch, to master the process. After a contact to the community I installed FreePBX on the server, and here I am, trying to configure it.

I never did something like that before.
I’m located in France.
I’m the admin of the system.
I have 1 input phone line to the house and I have 3 yealink SIP-T21 in 3 different rooms.
I don’t have the budget to get commercial modules, but I’m patient, and ready to learn.

When people calls on my phone number, they hear a message: “if you want to talk to X press 1,if you want to talk to Y then press 2, if you want to talk to Z press 3.”
X is linked to the phone “101”
Y is linked to the phone “102”
and Z is linked to the phone “103”.

“That’s all” I want to say. I tried to find tuto on the web, but because I’m a noob I certainly use wrong keywords.

Can you explain me the process I have to go ? or where I can find similar example ?

I read some tips and tricks concerning codecs depending on where you are in the world. I’m just concerned about France call (mobile or not). Do you know which codec I have to select ?

Thanks for your help!

To start you don’t need commercial modules, the only commercial module I do encourage in Endpoint Manager which makes managing the phones very easy.
But again, you can always add it later on. No need to rush for it, especially when you are learning.

In short: (Assuming the extensions are already registered)

  1. Upload/record an audio that plays the mentioned details in System Recordings.
  2. Create an IVR, select that recording from System Recordings, setup the menu options.
  3. Point your inbound route to that IVR.

There’s a good video series on YouTube from Chris from Crosstalk Solutions. Search “FreePBX 101”

Thanks a lot for your help, you are right, the 101 videos are really nice!

I started to configurconfigure my free pbx and I have my fisrt phone detected!!! Yeaaarr great step to me.

BUT whem I used my cell phone to call the line number I have, or of I try to call outside with the SIP phones… nothing append -.-

I’m not at that step yet in the videos, but to make a link between my phone number and my phones, is it what people call a “trunk”?

Yes !

Look at FreePBX 101 Pt 22 Inbound Route by Chris of Crosstalk Solutions.

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Chris should be really proud. :slight_smile:

My cheque is in the mail Chris says :joy:

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