SMTP port change

My ISP blocks port 25, in the past I was able to send on port 587 is there a way to change how sendmail is sending emails.I looked around but can’t find the configuration files for this.



We do not use sendmail. We use postfix. Just google postfix setup but everything is done in /etc/postfix I believe.

I have bin trying to configure postfix to use Gmail as a relay for about a week now, I have found many threads on the subject but I cant make them work for me, if anyone here has instructions on how this should be done it would be of great help. As more and more ISP’s block port25 I would think this will become something that is often needed.


Setting up postfix or sendmail for google is a pain. You have to setup certs and such for it.

I would suggest if nobody here can help you to try the FreePBX Support Team.

Sorry I could not be more help but sendmail with google is not something that is easy to do usually.

I followed these instructions and it worked.