SMS with AnveoDirect

My experience with AnveoDirect calls has been great, but I can’t figure out how to get SMS working.

AnveoDirect only allows for forwarding SMS over HTTP. (I’m not using Anveo Retail which has a lot more options…)

Has anyone set up SMS over HTTP with AnveoDirect? I can’t find documentation anywhere on how to set this up. AnveoDirect says forwarding SMS over HTTP is compatible with all Asterisk based systems, but they have no further detailed instructions.

I found this link, for setting up something similar with telnyx - would something like this be required for AnveoDirect as well? See

Any help or pointers would be appreciated very much!! I’ve been doing a lot of research, but I’m not sure where to start, or exactly what to Google. Thank you!

Yes, you’ll have to parse the incoming request and then use Asterisk to sendb the data to the endpoint.

Note this won’t work with mms and will probably hose utf8 including emojis. That’s why these things are handled outside of Asterisk with other solutions. The best move is to tie in to the sms functionality in FreePBX but that unfortunately is not documented anywhere.

Thank you both very much for your input.

@PitzKey Are you aware of anyplace I could find further details / examples of how this could be done?

@jfinstrom, would ClearlyIP have any consultants who I could pay to help set this up?


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