SMS will not send outbound

I am having an issue where I am unable to send outbound SMS on 3 different systems at this point now.
I have an Active VoIP Innovations Trunk on each system, and inbound text messages are coming in.
Outbound does not work from anywhere, including the app, the Desktop Softclient and UCP.
In UCP, I get a pop-up saying to check the console log, and get this error:

I have had a ticket in with Sangoma Support since 5/13/24, but they have been taking a really long time working on this, and I am wondering if anyone else has come across this issue?

One of these systems was a brand new system I spun up yesterday, FreePBX 16 running Asterisk 18.20.2. All modules are up to date on the stable track.

I programmed it from scratch, created the new trunk for VOIP Innovations and moved numbers that were working on another system for inbound and outbound SMS to this new system, which is only working for inbound SMS.

Have you tried opening a ticket with VI, I know it is Sangoma too but different folks. Maybe they have seen this.

It definitely may be worth this, but based on the console error it looks like an issue with the SMS module or an associated library.

We did open a ticket with VI for this but VI says they aren’t seeing any traffic come from the system for SMS. They sent us back to Sangoma for the ticket. It seems to be something with an update broke the outbound path from what I can tell.

Hi @Drakulahn Can you please DM me your Sangoma Salesforce ticket number so i can try to check internally. Thanks

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