SMS Service

i would like to have a service that I can use to send SMS(s). I want to be able to broadcast an sms message to all my employees. Is that service available on FreePbx or asterisk. If not, you know anyone doing it?

What devices do you want to receive the SMS?

In later version Asterisk can send SMS messages to SIP devices.

I am sure there are SMS service providers, I have never had a need for the service.

As far as using FreePBX, I don’t see how it fits into the picture.

We would like to send messages to mobile phones in Canada.

Simplest route… sign up for an SMSgateway service
Cheapest route. Email: Usually [email protected], this requires knowing the carrier of each phone.

We do have analog trunks, PRI an BRI trunks, can’t we use those? Is there a freePbx module for this SMS feature?

I guess I am not understanding.

It’s not the lines, what interface do you want to use to originate the SMS message to the mobile provider?

From a web interface, through either analog lines or IP? what are other options? I dont have any knowledge on SMS service. I just need to be able to send a text message for freepbx if possible.

The FreePBX part is what has me confused. How does FreePBX play into this? You don’t want to run an app on your SIP endpoints and you are not trying to bridge SIP to IS-41C / SMS-C services.

If you just want to send text from a web interface solutions exist.

The important question is will you know the carrier the device you are trying to originate the message to is home on? If you will the solution is simpler (this is why many times a web site will ask you your carrier so it can send SMS). If you don’t know the carrier you have to have a service provider that will do the DB dips for you and get the message routing info and validate that a TN is indeed a MIN and capable of receiving SMS messages.

I would like to be able to send SMS to any mobile phone, this can be one or more carriers. I would need a service provider who will do DB dips and route the message for me. Do you know of a service provider who can do this?, Can the transmission form or request be sent from a freePBx or a webportal!. Has anyone done this before? We can pay for the service, we dont have a problem with that!, we are just curious how to implement it!..