SMS Module?

Using FreePBX 12.0.13 and Asterisk 13… We want to put together a custom app where our user can send an SMS message to a sipstation DID and get some information back from our system. I started reading about SMS in freepbx at however I cannot find any way to access the mentioned SMS module. Under user management I do not see any SIPStation SMS DIDs settings. What do I need to do to get the SMS module?

Currently the SMS module adds SMS capabilities by way of sipstation to UCP. There is no exposed api.

you need:
sipstation module
sms module

Ok but how to I get the SMS module?

Its a module in FreePBX under module admin for FreePBX 12.

It doesn’t show under module admin. Under the connectivity section, which is where the video at shows it, right under the sipstation module, mine has no more modules listed.

You need to check online and download it and install it.

Ok sorry I feel stupid. I do that all the time but I never noticed there were modules not showing till you click check online. I thought everything showed all the time because some modules say “not installed” already but now I see that that appears to be for local modules only.

…but after all that… Is there any plan for this to change? We had some big ideas where our users could get employment data from our system ie. vacation hours/personal time available/etc.

At this time unfortunately no.

will the sms module work with any sms enabled did? for example voipinnovations also offers sms enabled dids (they use as the provider).

It only works with sipstation at this time. It could potentially work with others as well as its API driven

FlowRoute is currently implementing SMS. And they are exposing an API as well…

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