SMS - is sipstation still the only option for SMS

now that most itsp’s support sms on their dids, does freepbx still limit sms to sipstation & zuLU?

Correct only SIPStation has support for SMS into FreePBX.

So here we are a year and a half since. Is this still the case? I have Voip Innovations and my DID supports SMS

That is correct. Some other carrier would need to write a module like SIPStation did to tie into FreePBX for SMS as their is no standard for SMS over SIP and each carrier does it differently. Asterisk is very limited on SMS support to be SIP Messaging only which sucks so we did it all with custom APIs between FreePBX and SIPStation for this reason.

Oh how I wish I knew how to script / program. Looks like I’ll have to sign up for SIPStation

I am curious as to why you want to run the sms through the pb. most of our customers are happy to receive an sms message. with VI you can set a did to be sms enabled and then you can specify what happens when someone sends a text message to that number. some want it sent on to a cell phone, some want an email. I guess being able to get a text message on a desk phone is cool, but so far, and perhaps we are the exception, our customers have not pushed us to have it on the phone.

Don’t think anyone ever said “phone” in here. Sms go to UCP and Zulu.

Bria soft phone for iOS that way I don’t have to give customers that want to text me my number for example

Problem is Bria SMS support is not something Asterisk supports. SMS is so fragmented and the one standard people are starting to use Asterisk does not support which is SIP Simple messaging.

So even if I was to get sipstation woukd it still not work with Bria soft phone? I thought about just adding the DID direct to my soft phone and voip innovations but I don’t think I can as their service looks for the IP for the traffic and not a user registration

Correct it only delivers the SMS I to FreePBX SMS module. The only two things that have hooked into the SMS module is UCP and Zulu.

if all you are looking for is to be able to tell your customers that they can text you are your main number, then just set it up in VI. I did that for my DID - I configured the did on VI to send the incoming text to my cell phone. it works like a charm. you still have an issue replying but at least they can reach you and you can call or email them back.