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SMS Failed "Invalid DID"


Trying to test SMS messageing. I have signed up, installed and test sipstation trunk, and a single DID. I can make calls no problem. I have verified that SMS is enable on the DID on the sip station account setup. I have checked user managment (allowing user to send sms). I have added it to the UCP. I can type a phone number in and press send, then It comes back with “Invalid DID”. I dont see anything in the asterisk log, so I am at a loss of where to go.

I have also tired sending though Zulu. There is shows the message in the send history, but then deletes it. No track of the message in the history. I have also checked the mysql tables for any history of the message, but that is blank as well.

(William Lambert) #2

Same here.

(Tony Lewis) #3

Are you using paid SIPstation or free trial?

(William Lambert) #4

Hi Tony, I’m on the free trial at the moment.

(Tony Lewis) #5

Free trial don’t support SMS. Only voice calling.

(William Lambert) #6

Ok thanks!