SMDR Suggestions / FreePBX plugins for more detailed SMDR information

I used to use Call Accounting Mate for SMDR (Station Message Detail Recording) data. ( I liked that I could group calls by geographical location and produce granular reports on inbound and outbound calls. CAM hasn’t been updated in several years and was looking for suggestions on what the community is using with their FreePBX installs for SMDR reports. We’d like to be able to break down what areas are calling and during what times. The built in CDR could be used to export the data and then build reports manually, but i’m trying to save steps and make it easy for our end users.

POSSA also had a plugin for concurrent call statistics that I used frequently to measure how many concurrent call paths we needed and during what times but that also hasn’t been updated in a while either. Last i checked it wasn’t ever made into a signed module.

Here you can see:
New CDR for Asterisk (Spanish)

Maybe this info can be the solution in DB or AGAPI(Asterisk Guardian API)
This have a very enriched info for the calls