SMDR Output for Third Party Software / CRM

Hello, I’m needing to send SMDR Data or live call detail records to an application in our Automotive Group. Typically Avaya and Nortel systems have a way of sending the data through SMDR settings, via PC Serial port or IP. Is there any known solution to send reports to a third party CMS system? Unfortunately, the vendor is no help with this type of info on Asterisk systems.


There is a FreePBX CRM module in active development. If you have a budget, Sangoma/FreePBX might be able to help you. Remember, I don’t speak for the developers, I just know they’re working hard to get CRM working for LOTS of people (Zoho is the latest entry).

For some support bucks, they might be able to throw together a quick solution for you. Submit a Feature Request ticket through the Issues link at the top of the page for more information.