Small delay with voice

I’m experiencing about a 1/2 second delay when talking to others on the phone. This happens with external and internal calls. The delay is about the same with each. My jitter buffer is not enabled. Any idea if there is a fix for this or is 1/2 second fairly normal?

A half second is a long time in the life of a phone call.

There’s definitely something amiss in your system but without more information, I’d be shooting in the dark.

Tell us more about your local network and more about your hardware. I assume you’re running some version of FreePBX. Do you have hardware? What kind of hardware? Local or remote DNS? Have you looked at the logs?

Honest, the delay could be getting injected anyplace along the call path from your phone to theirs. It could literally be anything involved in the calls. We’ll need more information before we can really steer you in a direction.

Thanks for the reply Dave.

I need to clarify, there is no delay for internal calls. When I tested it the first time I was using my Zoiper app and had forgotten to put my cell phone on the VoIP wi-fi network.

here are the details of my network and hardware.

DSL network that is just for the PBX
Download speed - 3.58Mbps
Upload speed - 0.48Mbps
Latency - 55ms
Jitter - 70ms
Asus RT-N66U Router

PBX Hardware
CPU - Intel Core 2 Dup E7300 @ 2.66GHz
Memory - 1751(total) 1578(used)
running FreePBX

We handle, at most, 3 calls at a time.

OK, so no delay on your internal network leads us down the path of network latency end-to-end through your ITSP.

Are both ends SIP Servers?
Have you talked to your ITSP?
What is your latency to your ITSP?
Are you losing any packets in your network or on the way to the Internet?
What Codec are you using (ALaw or ULaw being the most “universal”)?
Have you looked in your logs to see what codecs are actually getting used?
Are you testing to a SIP phone or a landline?

One obvious place you might be getting some latency is in transcoding. If your ITSP is using (for example) XYZ-Law and you are using ULaw, the call has to be transcoded before it will pass through the ITSP. This can cause latency.

The “ping” time and the SIP network traversal time are not always the same. Your DSL line might be adding latency - it could be faster.

There are lots of variables, but since the calls work fine within your network, I’m afraid that, even if you find out what the problem is, you’re not going to have control over the culprit.

Thanks for the reply. I’ll have to work with my ITSP to see if they can help me with this.