Small Business Phone system Suggestion Needed

We are currently using Trixbox CE, but it is not working properly and there is basically no support for it online.

So I am looking for suggestions for a Small busines phone system.

We currently have 7 Polycom IP450’s

AND we need the following abilities:

When call comes in it rings all 7 phones.

If no answer it goes to Voicemail with message.

We need extensions so we can transfer calls and have conference calls.

Any suggestions?

OR if you know how to make Trixbox CE link to voicemail instead of just saying “no one can take your call” and hanging up that will be helpful, instead.

Sounds like your calls are hitting a Ring Group, in the ring group settings you should have an option for a destination if no answer, set that to either a Voice Mail Group or individual voice mail.

A few suggestions.

  1. You can follow the instructions on this thread for a script that will upgrade a Trixbox CE 2.8 system to the FreePBX Distro.

  2. Purchase paid support and have a professional take a look at your existing system:

  3. Consider moving to the FreePBX Disto on your existing hardware, or purchase a FreePBX Appliance.

  4. Consider moving to a commercially supported version of FreePBX, PBXact will support your existing phones as well as provide ongoing upgrades and commercial support. (If you are interested in PBXact send me a PM and I can get you in touch with a local reseller.)

Trixbox CE is dead. However it should easily be able to do what you want it to do. It’s fairly simple as per Preston’s comments.

Again as per Preston’s comments move to the latest FreePBX ISO distro or have a look at PBXact which provides full support via Schmooze Com’s excellent support packages.

If you do move to FreePBX it will be a good opportunity to setup the system properly the way you want it and with only 7 phones to setup it would be reasonably simple.

I ended up fixing the problem (didn’t think that would happen haha).

Like most difficult problems it ended up being trivial.

The error wasn’t in the setup of my trixbox it was with a new phone. One of our new phones apparently had a built in answering machine that was “intercepting” our calls before they could go to our destination if no answer (voicemail).

So all I had to do was turn the answering machine setting off and voila.

Thanks again



It’s great that you solved the problem. But do bare in mind that Trixbox CE as a protect really is dead and hasn’t had any development for quite a while now. I would certainly be planning an update of the system if I were you.


We pretty much do exactly as you describe in our small business.
Most incoming calls go to ringroup comprising of all phones. No pickup goes to voicemail.
What our small team really likes is having the NAME of each incoming caller showing on ALL phones, and then a suitable person knows to pick up.
All marketing callers are ever so politely asked to have a discussion with our office manager, “Lenny”, before being transferred to Lenny’s virtual extension at
Simple and effective, the way a phone system should be.

+1 FreePBX