Small active freepbx server migration to another active freepbx server

Hi All,
I have a small freepbx server and I want to migrate it to another big freepbx server.
Both of those servers are active with extensions + inbound + outbound rotes.
If I will download the small server backup file and will upload it to the big server it will transfer all relevant data? there is any scenario it can damage the big server data?

You will have issues using backup/restore

Use Admin-Bulk Handler to export extensions, trunks etc then import into new server

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Yea, the restore will not merge the data it will replace whatever is currently on the server you are restoring to.

As @dazzagrant suggested you need to either manually recreate the relevant settings on the new system or use the bulk handler to export/import what you need.

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Amazing thanks guys. didn’t knew this future.

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