Slow web interface and updates failing

Hi all,

I’m new to FreePBX, I’ve come from the dark side (3CX). I’ve just installed FreePBX and already many updates are available, but when I try to update it gives an error which appears to mean that there’s not enough disk space, even though there’s plenty. To be sure, I added another 5gb to the VM, rebooted, same problem.

Also, the web interface is extremely slow, especially when logging on. Moving from page to page isn’t too bad if no changes were made, but anywhere where a change was made, it’s typically 10 seconds or more, even if it’s something basic. Is this normal?

please show errors or logs if you have any problem.

sorry, forgot to attach! So I click on the “Update System” button at the bottom right of the page and I get the popup with the updates running. It eventually hangs with the error:

Error Summary

Disk Requirements:
At least 276MB more space needed on the / filesystem.

You can’t just add disk space in the VM server. You now have to grow the LVM space FreePBX is using inside the actual FreePBX.

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