Slow Playing Announcements

New install of FreePBX.

Core setup Enabled
Feature Code Admin setup Enabled
FreePBX Framework setup Enabled
Voicemail setup Enabled

Installed on VM Ware Workstation, 6.0.4. Can successfully call, and take inbound calls with no complaints about quality. Have attached an Avaya 9640 SIP phone, as well as a Bria softphone; both register and can successfully place calls. Have watched CPU and memory allocation during internal and external calls, and both are less than 1% when placing calls to voicemail, or when playing announcements.

Issue on 9640 and Bria softphone where announcement messages (voicemail prompts, time of day, play extension number) all play very slowly while listening.

When I play messages from web interface (System Recordings on FreePBX interface, recordings sound fine.)

Any ideas or suggestions to remedy issue? Have searched on this forum, and via google for announcement issues to no avail.

well you stated why… “Installed on VM Ware” VM’s are great for playing around and testing but are NOT for a real production system. Audio MUST be delivered on a exacting schedule and use the CPU when it is needed to not when a VM system get’s around to allowing it.

The audio will play fine via the GUI as it’s downloaded locally to the browser and played on a real system, but the audio playback over the phone is done on the server and has all those timing issues.