Slow module upgrade

Hi, on my freepbx i have this problem: module upgrade is really really slow … sometimes i have just orange screen and it does not go over … what to do?

unless it was a one time event and the site was really slow for some reason, then of course something is probably going on with your system (duh :slight_smile: )

assuming that’s the case, when you check for online modules, is it also very slow before it comes back to you?

If the answer is yes, then try setting:


in amportal.conf and see if that helps on both fronts.

Hi! Changing this setting in amportal.conf now looking for an available upgrade is really really fast (tks!) but installing … still gives me the orange screen and after some times my browser (ffox) asks me to download config.php (???)

so no upgrade is done (i’m trying with only 1 module to reduce risk of slow download)


New comment: with safari everything is ok !!! Thanks thanks thanks for support!


no … sorry … now even with safari is slow … the 1st module was ok, others … never goes on …

what type of router do you have?

Firewall SONICWALL nsa2400 with all ports open from pbx to wan

that’s probably your problem. SONICWALLs are very problematic.

You need to either disable content filtering or whitelist your PBX from it.

Once you have done that, you can remove the MODULEADMINWGET setting.

CF is already off :frowning:

if the previous setting change made part of the download experience better, then I would venture to guess that the router is still messing with you.

You may want to try manually downloading the various modules to determine if you have some sort of network issue going on but most module downloads are pretty small and should not be taxing your system.

Have some issue on the pbx: i’ve downloaded and uploaded on the server an upgrade of a module manually.

If i go to module admin and try to upgrade and activate this new module … orange screen and after something like 1 or 2 minutes: browser asks me to download config.php

i see on status screen that i have some errors:

Could not reload FOP server

Failed to copy from module agi-bin


you may want to start a new thread on you issue at it doesn’t really have anything to do with the problem of this thread and as a result, you probably won’t get many people reading it.

(And some may accuse you of ‘hijacking’ the thread though I’m sure that was not the intent…)

I found this issue with our NSA 3500.

You need to go into the Internal settings.
http://firewall IP/diag.html

And deselect Enforce host tag search for CFS and apply.

will work fine after that.

The issue is the way in which the http update works from the PABX box.