Slow machine?

Anyone have any tips on debugging with my box is slow even thought top shows barely anything going on? I had to reinstall recently due to a corrupted disk and it’s been slow ever since :frowning:
Massive delays when I dial in or out and it was so quick before on exactly the same hardware (bar the disk itself)

The quick answer is “double check your DNS settings.” Whenever I’d had this problem, it was because I’d screwed up either the access to the DNS servers or forgotten to set up the local DNS.

One of the symptoms of flaky STUN is a delay on Dial. Check Asterisk SIP Settings for invalid ICE/STUN settings.

Thanks guys. Looks like it was a corrupted framework module.
I think this is because things went awry as part of the restore process where due to an ‘issue’ you have to manually install a specific version to sort out a signatures issue.

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