Slow GUI , and unused modules

I’m running an actual 6.12.65-24 distro upgraded time to time from 5.211.65
PC is an asus EB1021 , E-350 dualcore 1,6GHz cpu, 4 Gb ram

Im experiencing a moderately slow GUI behaviour and long wait time when searching for modules update and mainly when a reload is issued (amportal a r CLI or red button GUI) 25 seconds are needed.

All available modules are installed , enabled and updated, commercial unlicensed ones also.

Previous distro versions , with the same configuration load (25 extension, 4 trunks a few queues and groups) took about 4-5 seconds to reload.

What is causing this ? What can I check ?

A question about the unused unlicensed modules:
Do they add unnecessary load to machine (expecially the weak ones) ???
If I want to take them out what action should i choose in module admin: DISABLE , UNINSTALL or REMOVE ??
What do these action do ???

Thank you

Make sure you are up to date. We have been clearing out bottlenecks in both 12 and 13. As more items migrate in to BMO ( our new module framework) we are able to do bench marking that helps us catch these slowdowns.

James, I think I have messed up things …
By my mistake I haven’t read carefully upgrading steps who states:

All upgrades need to be installed in numeric ascending order. Do not skip any upgrade step. Upgrade scripts are not cumulative. Each upgrade script should be run in ascending order to get to the desired final version.

I have upgraded my distro time to time with the LATEST script on the list, skipping previous ones (sometimes one , sometimes five…who knows ?)

Now: what can I expect from actual distro behaviour and , especially, what can I do to fix possible holes ???

Thank you very much


Sorry for asking again, but, what to do if some upgrading steps are skipped ???

Thank you