Sln files do not register as moh?


We just went from Elastix to the FreePBX distro and when we dumped all our previous .sln formatted moh files into the moh directory, they do not show. But if I put a .wav file in the same directory, it shows in the moh module.

Is .sln no longer supported?


You don’t say anything about your new system, but you can easily use sox to convert your .sln to .wav

Sorry, we are using the latest FreePBX distro…

Can you give me the syntax to use sox to do that? I have not been able to find a web page sufficiently on point.


the man page is sufficiently on point, to convert almost any audiofile to a wav file that will play nice with asterisk

sox infile --endian little --bits 16 --channel 1 --rate 8000 outfile.wav