SkypeForBuisness integration

Hi all,
I’m trying to set up Skype integration with asterisk on combat servers.
What do I have:
1)SFB 2015: one front end server,
one mediation server
one edge pool server.
and of course, telephony works well, there are many clients and the provider gives the numbers, etc., there is already a mediation pool,
for example: and
PSTN gateway: and
of course the same trunk!

  1. Installed FreePBX “VoIP server”
    IP address:
    all settings for integration articles are made by the links below!

The purpose of the task is that I have a LeLas phone that is for premises and, apart from the network port, it has nothing else, I thought to give it a number through an asterisk and connect it to the network and then call Skype and from Skype to it!

Actually interesting questions and what does not work:

  1. Do I need to create another mediation pool for FreePBX, since only its creation gives an error, if you specify there, then when publishing the topology, an error occurs that such a machine is not in the active directory, but there is an entry in the dns and it’s available online
    they are all on the same network! can a freepbx webserver itself be a mediation server?

  2. without it, I can’t change ports to 5060, since my ports work on 5067, that is, Skype-PBX is located at the provider! If i made the same on provider side and configure my freepbx on 5060 tcp port may that a confict?

  3. What to do with the mediation pool in sfb for freepbx so that it works and as usual and does what you would like

one of the link: Lync - Asterisk Integration Guide

Please help with any answers as well as articles if any!

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