Skype for Asterisk direct incoming call to an extension

I bought a license of Asterisk for Skype.

Incoming calls seem to work fine if i dump an incoming call into “context=from-pstn”

However, i now created a skype user that i want to ring at one extension only or to have it ring one group.

I tried this in my chan_skype.conf:
exten=3 (3 is the ring group i want it to ring)

But calls still end up at the “s” extension.

In which context should calls land in order to have it ring a certain extension??

Would it be a security risk if i would dump calls in context=from-internal ?

where is the skype user name in your chan_skype.conf

That is the bit in between brackets, in the above example :

So “skype-group-for-sales” would be the skype id

Just try to use a Skype account WITHOUT dashes - it is unbelievable, took me 2 days and now everything is fine