Skip VM Password option (while still maintaining some level of security)?

Good evening, all…

I know if I don’t put a password in for a user’s VMB, it’ll log them straight in when checking. However, that of course creates a security risk by allowing easy access by those outside the company.

Is there anything I could put in the extension’s VM Options field that tells VM to skip prompting for a password if the user is calling from their own phone?

Furthermore, is there a way to list other “trusted” numbers to associate them to that box (such as the user’s cell number as well)?


That would need a little customization but quite easy, when you call VoiceMailMain with the “s” parameter, the password check will be bypassed. Just call VoicemailMain conditionally.

I’m still a tad too afraid to modify the config files manually. Any way I can build that in a custom file so it isn’t wiped out with the GUI rewrites?

Nothing in any custom.conf files is ever “wiped out” that is well documented , even in the wiki :wink: I really encourage you to spend some time there.