Skip Busy Agents with respect to " Follow me " i.e. cell phones

Many PBX’s now support " Agents on Cell Phones " and it’s a very sought after feature. (we use it all the time)

The problem we’ve noticed, is that if you have a busy queue and you can’t disable the call waiting on your cell phone, you are plagued with almost a constant barrage of call waiting beeps, tones and depending on how your provider handles call waiting, some mute the audio for a moment as well.

To say the least, this can be very distracting while you are trying to conduct a conversation.

I understand that the PBX doesn’t have an IP connection to a cell phone like it does to a hard or soft phone extension. Most likely, That IP connection (through the SIP / IAX languages / signaling ) is how the PBX can tell whether the extension is “BUSY” or not. However, there are other ways for the PBX to Know that the cell phone agent is “BUSY” and to skip them.

Such as, the fact that the PBX must use one of it’s outbound channels to dial out to the cell phone.

If the PBX could simply associate / monitor the channel that was used to call the cell phone agent, it would Know exactly how long the agent was “BUSY” (Basically, from when the channel connects, until the channel disconnects.) When the channel disconnects, the cell phone agent becomes available again.