Sizing the system

Thanks for hardware advice, any reason you suggest a single CPU? and I dont think I’ll be running it in a VM though, I’ll take the bare metal route, with linux HA tricks.

Did you read what he actually said? It’s a single CPU chip with 6-10 cores which would be the same as 6-10 single core CPU chips in the system. Except without needed 6-10 slots on the board for them.

Yeah good luck with that HA and VoIP don’t really mix well and you still have issues that need to be mitigated to avoid every user from going offline during a failure. Plus all calls will be lost.

Exactly. I have moved a VM from one Hyper-V host to another with the basic “move” function live while on a call. I had 10 seconds of lost audio before it all came back. calls did not drop. This wasn’t even using paid for replication and all that stuff that you get with System Center (or or if VMWare, better levels of VMware’s subscription).

CPU’s fail, and one can never have enough grunt.
its incredibly rare, yes, but in past I’ve known of it to happen 3 times, one of them caused VESDA and fm200 to intervene it failed that spectacularly.

We wont be using virtual anything, I have a background that among other things includes in 90’s/00’s senior engineer roles in ISP’s. nothing beats bare metal for performance and security. I dont install home pc style hardware crap for servers I want to last for years without intervention, well, so long as CPUs dont ignite :slight_smile:

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