Site-to-Site VPN, ATA, Certain calls only work from one site

FreePBX 13.0.95
I have an Obi200 ATA that I am using for a fax machine.

There is a Site-to-Site VPN between three sites, all have different subnets, and all three sites have Polycom IP331 phones that work fine. When trying to call and number, with the Obi200, outside the local area code the call does not pass. If I take the Obi to the location where the FreePBX server is the call works fine.

I have been using the FaxToy number (855-330-1239) to test. Local numbers are 865-XXX-XXXX and it calls locally from any of the three sites.

The only difference I can find between a call that passes and a call that fails is this in the log:



On every line.

The weird thing is that it was working perfectly until a week or two ago.

If this is the wrong section or I have formatted incorrectly or left out some info obviously let me know.

Thanks for any help!