Site-site incoming call routing question

We have 2 locations each running a FreePBX 12 (Asterisk 13.5.0) server with PRI. The sites are connected to one another via a 100Mbs fiber connection and the FreePBX servers via an IAX2 trunk over the site-site connection and we can do inter-site dialing by 4 digit extension (one site has extensions in the 1000-3999 range the other 4000-5999 range).

This morning the PRI at main location went down. We have Direct Trunk Overflow setup so the calls were automatically rerouted to our second location. This worked fine but the receptionist at the second site had to handle the additional call volume and transfer the routed calls back the main facility.

We have DID number associated with both PRIs. This got me thinking; rather than Direct Trunk Overflow, I can have our PRI provider forward calls to another number if the PRI goes down. Can I create an inbound route for one of the DIDs that routes calls back to the receptionist at the main facility over the IAX2 trunk?

I assume I’d create an inbound route for the DID but what would I select for “Set Destination”? Trunks and my IAX2 trunk to the other site?

Thanks – Steve

Does the following creates an Inbound Route in Server A is targeted to Server B.
On Server B you create the same Inbound Route with destination to a queue, extensions or Ring Group.


Thanks for the reply but I don’t understand what you’re asking. I have outbound routes for the IAX2 trunks with dial plans that match the extension numbers at the remote end. Like so:

Main Facility (Bedford) Outbound Route:
Route Name: OutboundRouteToBillerica
Route Type: Intra-Company
Dial Patterns: 4XXX and 5XXX
Trunk Sequence for Matched Routes: IAX2 To Billerica

Second Facility (Billerica) Outbound Route:
Route Name: OutboundRouteToBedford
Route Type: Intra-Company
Dial Patterns: 1XXX, 2XXX, 3XXX
Trunk Sequence for Matched Routes: IAX2 To Bedford

Assuming I have the following fictitious DID number at the Billerica facility: 781-555-1234. What would I need to do to route calls to this number to our FreePBX server in Bedford?

Thanks – Steve

It’s simpler than that - Let’s call A the site who’s PRI is down and B as the site that has the working PRI - if A fails over to a number on B’s PRI, create an Inbound Route on B for the number and in the Destination, pick the Trunk that connects to A - this was added in I believe FreePBX 2.11 and it works great - No fancy routes or anything - if that number is called, the traffic is immediately forwarded back to site A.

One more thing - since you are using PRI’s, T.38 is probably not a big thing, but if you are using SIP trunks for Service, the interconnecting trunks should be SIP also - The format change of SIP -> IAX2 -> SIP degrades FAX reliability somewhat - keeping it all SIP works better.

Thanks. It was very simple to setup and works a treat. Believe it or not, my original thought is that it would work that way :grin: