Siren 7 codec settings

I have just enabled SIP URI dialing on my FreePBX box, and trying to dial into a Cisco WebEx meeting via URI. All is working fine, other than the codec. I’m getting the following errors when trying to place that SIP URI call:

[2019-10-04 16:44:05] WARNING[12434]: res_format_attr_siren7.c:52 siren7_parse_sdp_fmtp: Got Siren7 offer at 24000 bps, but only 32000 bps supported; ignoring.

This is the error message whenever I try to SIP URI dial into my WebEx bridge. Any ideas on how to configure the Siren 7 codec to work with 24000 bps?

have you tried any of this, although i don’t see the siren codecs in the examples

this guy had quite a bit of trouble, looks like it was unresolved. maybe it works now in 2019-2020

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