SIPStation Trunks


I need to tread lightly on this topic (because it relates to a sister or sponsor site)but am looking for input from other users of sipstation trunks.

Recently I received an email that seemed to threaten my recently purchased sipstation trunks. I had only used them for a short time and with normal small business use. The email just refers generically to violations of TOS without delivering any specific reason. When SIPstaztion/ is questioned, they elude to excessive call volume, but the trunks had only been active for a short time. The email also says they reserve the right to charge me $0.05 per minute , apparently at their sole discretion. This rate is HORRENDOUS and five times the going per-minute rate! The email does not tie down that the consumption of minutes is the issue. Whet they say on the phone , they do not put in writing and in fact in writing they seemed to contradict their recommendations on the phone. In writing they want me to move the trunks to (clearly implied) to avoid them being cut off without warning. On the phone they acted as if it was a generic email that many people received.

One observation I have made is that they do not accurately seem to limit total calls across the 2 trunks . Lets say I purchase 10 calls simultaneously , I may be able to send 12 or 15 calls. because a call declined on trunk1 rolls over to trunk2. They seem to not limit calls accurately across both trunks. They may have fixed this recently???

What are others users experiences here with the sipstation trunks? Is this a result of the sipstation/freepbx relationship crumbling?

What relationship is crumbling?

Please don’t post unsubstantiated information.

Apparently the offending part of the post is the question? It is a question and if you do not like thew question , then you may have something to hide? I only posted what I posted because that is what I BELIEVE to be true. Besides I see no “moderator” next to your name. Why else would try to lure sipstation clients away from sipstation branded services to branded services? Isn’t there some benefit/interest in sipstation clients to freepbx?

In court you testify what you believe to be true whether it is the real truth or not. You can not be convicted of purgery for stating what you believe to be true. That is why there can be various accounts of an accident from all different perspectives. My belief stems from the question in the last paragraph above, “Isn’t there some benefit/interest in sipstation clients to freepbx?”. Like it or not, It is what I BELIEVE to be true. Furthermore I did not make it as a statement in my original post, it is a question, not a statement. So use your brain and parse the original post correctly or do not comment.

DO NOT PUT ME IN THE POSITION OF DEFENDING A QUESTION THAT I POSED AND FEEL JUSTIFIED. Perhaps you need to evaluate why you do not like the question?

Please don’t try and impress me with your extensive legal knowledge. This is not a court of law and it’s a ridiculous analogy.

The statement that I objected to and considered moderating, however everyone is entitled to their opinion and did not was the following:

You stated your opinion as fact. “Is this a result of” assumes that the relationship is crumbling. If you had stated "this does not speak well for the relationship or something that indicated you are drawing an opinion based on this interaction with sipstation/bandwidth.

To answer your questions accurately, SIPStation is a branded product of Bandwidth for this site. That is stated clearly.

If you exceed the usage criteria of the SipStation trunks Bandwidth will contact you and present the wider range of offerings to better serve your business. Nothing nefarious about the policy and it benefits all parties.

I can’t speak, nor do I have any knowledge of the criteria applied.

Lastly, the only reason you would be moderator is if you are speaking inaccurately and not portraying facts. Unless a message is blatant SPAM it would not be deleted without the consensus of all the moderators.

And yes I am a site admin and do donate my time to keep this site safe and spam free.

I posed a question, and that is all. The question is based on how I see it. I made no statement o that effect

Obvious;y you try to impress with useless posts.

I have better things to do so I will ignore your future replies as I have done with most of the last reply/rant


Not having any information or details of you account usage I obviously can’t make any comments as to whether there was usage that was out of scope of typical smb usage.

I must say that there isn’t going to be anyone here that can answer that besides yourself and who has that information. Generally, such notifications are not sent out unless the usage is way out of the ‘norm’ for the service. The suggestion of looking at’s other trunks is simply to provide options if you need service that does not fit within the criteria of the TOS. So … what SkykingOH says is quite accurate.

To further clarify, as pointed out, SIPSTATION is simply a branded and specific service that meets the needs of many FreePBX customers but clearly not all of them. More options exist within Bandwidth’s family.

If you didn’t understand the relationship then I could see how you might be confused as to wondering if this somehow points to some relationship implications. I can assure you that is not the case, whether you are using SIPSTATION or other trunks, it’s all accountable back to FreePBX if they care to review that.

I am looking as to whether OTHER USERS have experienced with Sipstation. I will state that I believe something is hinkey and I am looking for input of other users. Not one poster here has stated that they are a user or not, and at this point I will disregard all posts from anyone not clarifying that they are a user, aside from due respect to moderators of course where applicable, and relevant.