Sipstation trunk alternative?

I need a recommendation for another SIP trunk provider that is similar to sip station.

While SIP station makes it easy to purchase service, and the auto trunk configuration key code is great, the service has not been up to my standards of quality, and the email support is way to slow.

I’m not a big mega corp, just a home user using freepbx for home phone service.

I just need the basic offering of 2 channels, 911 dialing, etc.

I would like to find something that just works, free of registration problems, and with good up time. I don’t want to lose service when the next back end infrastructure upgrade comes around.


I have no experience with sipstation for me the price is high. For my usage pattern paygo providers fit better. I use several and a problem with one is just a chance to learn. I would try several till you find a fit for you. Some things that cause problems like your internet provider and your location will make your best provider different from mine. Many times I find problems are created when I have made setup errors, it is hard to fault the provider in those cases.

Not sure if they fit your requirements - I have been using FlowRoute for a while and I do like several things: They are easy to set up, cheap calling rates and they do provide several different options. It basically is a pre-paid service and you can add features as needed. They are also very good to inform about technical problem if they have any. They have been very reliable in general and have good voice quality. Their system also works very well with asterisk, even though they do not provide a simple setup code but their support is great and very helpful.

I just got everything setup with flowroute and made my first call through them.

I called my DID from my cell and the quality was awesome. Almost zero delay, and good clarity.

What’s even better is that you don’t need to make any firewall modifications. In my topology the asterisk server is a separate box behind a linux firewall configured with shorewall. Before when I had sipstation, it was necessary to DNAT UDP 5060, and 5061 through to asterisk. With flowroute this was not required, and they had me remove the rules. Aparently they actually do the NAT traversal for you.

I was also able to disable the sip connection tracking modules in the kernel (nf_contrack_sip, and nf_sip_nat) in shorewall config because they were no longer necessary.

When I called, I was happy with the service I received. I called the number, a real person answered, and that person was technical. I had an audio problem due to my configuration. I described the problem, and he knew exactly what it was and how to fix it.

In contrast to the support offered by sipstation, there was no nonsense with sending an email to support, and waiting a week or more for a response which only contained some pointless question easily answered with a little common sense from some tier 1 technician who doesn’t know asterisk.

Based on my experiences so far, I would highly recommend them.

I’m paying 6.95 per month for 2 channel unlimited calling in and out plus 1.95 per month for the ability to dial 911.

There are lots of choices…