Sipstation truck and dual wan IP routing?

Hi all, I’ve been running FreePBX solid for about 2 years. Recently we’ve run into serious stability issues with our primary WAN connection (Charter), dropping out briefly for a minute or so and then return. As a result I’ve had a dedicated DSL connection brought in from a new provider. I’m running pFsense for my router, so no problem facilitating load balancing and such for my users. I also changed the routing of all traffic pointed to my PBX box as well as all the RTD and SIP traffic to go across the DSL. The SIP Settings detects the new IP no problem, however when I go into Sipstation module, it reflects both of my external addresses, my contact IP as the new IP, but my network IP as the old.
Is the Network info pinging data via a port or scanning what other devices are seeing? This has me scratching my head, as I said, all the traffic to the server is routed via DSL, and all the RTD and SIP traffic is as well.
Any insights would be greatly appreciated.