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What is the determining factor for aDID to be SMS capable, when porting into Sipstation? I ported a number from ATT and is not SMS capable now. I inquired to Sangoma Support before submitting the the port, and the response was…Yes it would be SMS capable, and only in rare cases a DID would not be SMS capable.


For companies like SIPStation,, VoIP Innovations, Vitelity (to some extent) and even ones like myself and others here are aggregates. We have numerous peers with upstream providers and in some cases they don’t offer SMS with numbers, that to the upstream are “off-net”. So I use Bandwidth but in some areas Bandwidth, themselves, don’t have a footprint so they have peered with another LEC and can’t offer their services to those DIDs because those DIDs aren’t on their network and equipment.

So basically when the upstream LEC is handing out DIDs from one of there non-footprint COs and partners.

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So is there any process that could have been ran before the port, to verify wether the DID is SMS capable or not?

I do not know If you are in the US, but if you are check out Zipwhip.

They will allow you to text-enable “non-mobile” numbers. I am not sure what your use case is exactly, but this company has been invaluable to us. They provide a webpage you can use for basic two-way texting, but more importantly, for us, they offer an API that we incorporate in our dialplans to send and receive text messages.

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Honestly, that’s something that SIPStation should be telling you. I know from my upstreams what Rate Centers can support new numbers, porting numbers, e911, SMS, etc. Basically if the number comes from one of their non-Tier 0 (on-net) things like E911 or SMS are not included. In some of the non-Tier 0 rate centers I can port numbers but not have new ones or vice versa. It all depends on the interconnect agreement between the carriers.

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