SIPStation SMS Notice


I have a few times gotten in trouble when I missed urgent SMS messages during my shift on the weekend.

I wanted to set up a little cron job that checks every 15 minutes if a new text message arrived.

I was hoping there would be some entry that I could get from the log files or database that I could check or a file date that changed.

Does anybody have any hint?

We use SIPStation and the UCP to send and receive text messages.



I would also be willing to pay for help on this.

Any idea where I would like a developer that could help?

So what you really want is option in UCP to have email sent when you receive a inbound SMS. Have you opened a feature request at

Thanks Tony.

No, I have not. Honestly I thought that the chance of this being done is very slim :wink:

That is why I thought to do it myself (if I would know where to start) or have someone do it and I pay him.

I think is is a quick thing if I do it quick and dirty, unless I need a proper interface…

Asterisk logs. Everyything is handled inside asterisk