Does SIPSTATION plan to support OPUS for sip voice trunking?

What good would that provide as once it hit the PSTN it has to be ulaw?

I have to admit that after reading your question, I realized that mine was obtuse.

I was unaware that the PSTN didn’t support HD codecs. I’ve had a few cell phone calls in HD quality (verizon), so I’ve seen some kind of HD support popping up during public calls, at least in some situations, and thought that may be gaining traction. I suppose it might do some good if a person was calling SIPSTATION to SIPSTATION?

Is what this company is doing pointless? What are they offering their clients if they give them G.722 or Opus or video support on their sip trunks? Maybe they’re offering a hosted PBX solution and mislabeling it “sip trunking”?

So, OPUS is really only going to see use for internal calling, or remote endpoints, site-to-site trunks, that kind of thing, until the PSTN is replaced/upgraded, whenever that may be, should it ever be.

Thanks for the response. :slight_smile:

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