SIPStation not providing CID (CNAM) Info

We just switched our VOIP line to SIPStation and ever since we made the switch we are no longer getting the CID (CNAME) information. With my old provider I could see the information with no issue but since the switch to SIPStation we can not. We have configured the SIPStation trunk using the SIPSTATION module and have a very simple configuration.

We are currently running FreePBX 13.0.51 / Asterisk Version: 13.5.0.

If you can open up a ticket to FreePBX support as well as give them a few examples of numbers that are calling you they should be able to investigate what is going on.

just a quick follow-up. I don’t know if you reported this or someone else, but support has informed me that the issue has been resolved. There was a configuration change in the SSL security that is used by SIPStation to do lookups of the CNAM from the provider which was resulting in broken CNAM unless SIPStation could fall back to other sources which don’t have full coverage.

That has been addressed and you should be getting CNAM.

Yes this has been resolved. Thanks for getting it working.