Sipstation module "The server is currently not responding"

My Sipstation trunk is working correctly, however I’ve noticed the last two days this error message appears in the SIPSTATION module.
The only change to the system recently was update roll-out last week, where the module was updated to

Not panicking, since obviously calls are being routed fine, but still concerning.
Is this something on my end, or should I kick this up to support?

I am having the same issue. Just noticed after trouble with the updates.

“The server is currently not responding. It is either unavailable or access is being blocked. If the server is unavailable, please try again later.”

Initially I was not able to make/receive calls on these trunks but a call to SIPStation got that issue resolved but this one remains. The service rep had no idea about the module message but confirmed the trunks were registered.

I have it on 3 servers I manage. Two in 14 and one in 13 which have different versions.

Is this a module issue of a change in the service that the module can’t deal with?

See this previous post, as this may be relevant to your issue:
In short, you can try the following:

  1. Make sure you External IP matches what you’re registering with SIPStations
  2. If you have more than one ISP, make sure your external IP matches your Asterisk settings
  3. Reset your token key in the SIPstation portal, as possible the settings may be wrong

If you’re a current SIPstation customer, I’m pretty sure you can call support and they will help you, as in my situation, they helped in about 20 mins.

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