SIPSTATION module not reading configs

Hello. I am running FreePBX 2.8.1 and Asterisk

My Asterisk network settings (from the CLI) show:
SIP address remapping: Enabled using externaddr
Externrefresh: 10

Yet in the SIPSTATION module I see Network IP is “undefined”

I have set all the information in the Asterisk SIP Settings module and double-checked the IP address…

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Wasn’t an upgrade, it was a fresh install on an Ubuntu 10.04 vanilla server. I used the Digium packages for an Asterisk 1.8 install and the FreePBX 2.9b2 tarball.

I’ll try again on a test system to see if I can reproduce.

Thanks for your help.

the Network IP comes from their server.

Have you contacted their support to ask them about it?

It won’t have any affect on your configuration by the module but it does help you determine if you are properly configured so it should be reporting that back.

Oh … btw, 1.8 is not necessarily supported on FreePBX 2.8 though it should mostly work.

Thanks, I’ll check with FreePBX Store.

I tried 2.9b2, but I got all kinds of amportal errors and the Web UI wouldn’t work either. If I find time this weekend I’ll try the 2.9 upgrade and report errors I get, just had to get the phones working…

Thanks again.

sounds like something went whacky with the upgrade, try again, there are aprox 6000 people on it now so I think it’s in reasonable shape :slight_smile: