SIPStation issues

Somewhat lost here, totally new to SIPstation… We had to get some new DIDs for the Phoenix area, and as Comcast for some reason cannot supply them we thought we’d try SIPStation.

Quick rundown of our setup.
FreePBX Asterisk 16.3.0
We have 1 SIP trunk with Comcast and have a Adtran supplied by them.
We also use a Sophos firewall and control all the traffic from there.

I have 2 issues…
1… No audio either way. I have one of the DIDs point to my extension. When I call from my cell it rings and I can pick up, just no audio…
2. SIPStation module is showing a error that the server is currently unavailable and cannot process my request. It is up because I can open the Sipstation Store…

Because we are going through the adtran, my external ip in SIP settings is a local IP to the adtran.
All other calls and audio are fine, we have over 200 endpoints on the system.
It is only this hand full of DIDs from SIPStation.

I know it’s something with the IPs, just need some pointers please.

Open a SIPStation ticket or call us at 920-886-8130

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