Sipstation + freepbx: what is the message if my server is down?

New admin here. I have deployed a Freepbx system using 1 trunk from Sipstation. We can make outbound calls as well as receive inbound calls. Works as expected.

My boss asked me yesterday what message would a inbound caller get if we were offline? Is it the “The number you have dialed is not in service, please check the number and try again.” message or something else.

Sorry if this is a dumb q. I tried looking for a faq of different scenarios, but could not find it. If somebody has a link that explains the different scenarios, that would be great.


We actually send out a response code. I believe it’s 480, which roughly translates to “Callee currently unavailable”. We do not answer the call as that would cost you money (and costs us as well). Therefore sending a response code back is the proper format. Depending on the system/provider of the dialer there can be several responses. On a FreePBX machine this will be a fast busy, when I call from my AT&T phone its the whole “number not in service” message that is from the 80s with a ton of static. Note again that said message is not generated by us.

In SIPSTATION itself, as with many other providers, you can set failover numbers (its included with your account). So that if the PBX goes down the call is still routed somewhere. A client I have has the failover set to his secretary’s phone.


Great, that’s the answer I was looking for. We’ll get the failover configured. I appreciate your time.