Sipstation dropping registration

I have 2 sipstation trunks and they seem to randomly lose registration . If I reboot they pop right back up. I sent an email to their support and this was the response
"If you are losing registration, it is an issue with your PBX. Asterisk does this on occasion even when properly configured and we have never found a root cause, it may just be a bug in Asterisk. Usually either a ‘sip reload’ at the Asterisk CLI, or restarting Asterisk will address the issue."
This is my personal system for my small home business mainly to forward call to my cell but I would really like it stay working. I am a newbie at this even though this is my second box to put together. The first one was over a yaer ago and I played with it for a couple weeks then scrapped the project. Round 2 has been going much smoother be man what a learning curve to someone with no linux experience what so ever.

Unfortunately Asterisk has a tendency to do this for various reasons.

There are a few things to look at.

First, make sure your sip.conf “registerattempts” is set to 0 so that if you have some sort of network glitch, you will continue to retry registrations indefinitely.

Next, I’ve seen “qualify=yes” create problems on some Asterisk systems. With the default settings, this sends a “ping” to the server every minute. If the line is down or the ping takes longer then 2000msec Asterisk will “qualify out” the trunk and mark it as unreachable. It should try again and bring it back but I have seen times where Asterisk does not.

The purpose of this setting is to keep your NAT firewall hold open so that inbound calls are not stopped by your firewall since, by default the server will send your INVITES to the NAT addressed you registered at which is the same port that these pings are going out on.

So if you are in a situation where qualify is actually taking out your trunk, you could remove the qualify=yes setting but you’ll need to increase your registration interval low enough to have the same effect. You can do this by setting the sip.conf “defaultexpiry” to a low value, maybe 60 seconds or so. You will then want to remove the qualify=yes setting from your trunk.

Keep in mind that if you remove the “qualify” from your trunk setting, the SIPSTATION module will complain but it won’t force you to put it back. This is because 99%+ of the time, it is more harmful to take this out then to leave it in.

Have a look at some of those to see if they are of any value in your Asterisk server losing registration. (And for what it’s worth, you will have this same issue on any carrier that requires registration as it is Asterisk that is losing the registration and not re-registering. I’ve even seen Asterisk think it is registered when the registration has long since expired).

I will check into it. I guess the real solution is to run a pots lines as backup. I appreciate your help.

POTS line should really not be necessary unless the Internet service itself is flaky.

Do you drop both registrations when this happens?

Yes , both are lost and my caller hear a busy signal until I realize the problem and then reload.

Oh yeah I forgot to mention that I am running on a cox home service where static ip is not available but I am using dyndns and I went in to sip_custom.conf and did something like this:
[email protected]
Just wondering if this may have something to do with it. I checked and the registerattempts is 0. I used the sipstation module for configuration and I shows 2 trunks and 2 registrations. Could I try taking out the qualify=yes on one of thes to see if that one stays up or would that cause other issues

of still no luck - it seems every evening when I get home registration is gone. any other ideas?

try taking out the qualify=yes as you mentioned.

You may also want to consider upgrading or downgrading your Asterisk version because it Asterisk should continue to try and re-register if there is some sort of network issue.

Also - set you registration frequency to be very short, maybe every minute or so. (especially if you turn off the qualify=yes)

I’ve emailed now 5 times SIP Station and receive no reply. Usually one or the other registations drop all the time, but lately both have been doing this. Seems SIP Station is a disaster but I use these inbound and trunks for business…

I looked for a sip.conf file and can’t find it. can someone help me onthis:

Distro PIAF FreePBX

I’d appreacaite any help. I am a linux newbee so any step by step instructions is great.