Sipstation client a little dumb?

I have joined a conversation before about this, never had an answer to it.

Dynamic DNS via DynDns, DynDns notices an IP change, yet Sipstation module does not update the new IP and just sits there until I do a reboot.

Is there a way to make Sipstation more aware of the change in IP? or maybe it has nothing to do with Sipstation as the settings are within Freepbx/Asterisk.

PBX Firmware 6.12.65-29

Sorry, certainly is an Asterisk issue more than Sipstation. I can see my refresh rate is set at 30 seconds, yet the IP is showing the old IP address, clicking on the refresh IP button does bring in the correct IP, so the update every 30 is not working as it should.

Any thoughts on this?

Another update, even with the correct IP, sipstation module still shows no IP addresses, request sent is all it shows with everything in the red.

This has nothing to do with SIPStation. SIPstation is just reporting to you what asterisk is sending versus what we see.

This means something in your SIP Settings Module in FreePBX is not setup right. The other issues with using a FQDN is asterisk caches DNS at start time.

Thanks Tony, I did notice it was more or less an Asterisk issue. That would make sense about the caching issue, which makes me wonder if I can set up the DNS to purge the name more often… or even stop the caching all together?