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Is there anybody here that uses Sipgate in the UK, I’ve set up a chan-sip trunk to them which is connected, I dial 10000 from my phone which tells me I’m connected, however when I an external call I hear a message saying " welcome to sipgate your telephone has been successfully set up, to get started please enter your activation code into your account, the code is already on its way to you now"

I’ve never received an activation code and I don’t see anywhere on the sipgate portal that I could even enter such a code. Anybody else experienced this at all?


Hi @chet
I do have SipGate account setup on my PBX since 3 years and works without any problem.
I can’t reproduce your case on my PBX dial 10000
Have you tried to contact with SipGate support.

If im not wrong SipGate doesn’t send any activation code. ? All informations about SIP and Trunks you can find in your SipGate Portal page.


Shahin N

Are you using chan_pjsip, I can only use the number 10000 when I use chan_sip, either way, I cant make outbound calls, yes I’ve raised a ticket with them but they are not the quickest in getting back to you.

Thanks for the response.


I’ve been using sipgate in the UK for a few years now. I used to use chan sip but recently managed to get PJSIP working. When I registered a new service, they sent a letter with a code to the regeistered address to check it was valid for 999 dialing. I think this is probably the code you are waiting for. The letter came from Germany so it wasn’t the fastest.


Hi @chet
On Trunk side Chan_Sip connection, on Extension side PJ_Sip driver.

Maybe @jamesg224 how to said if you are new you should receive welcome letter from Germany.
I have totally forgot this letter :slight_smile:

So if you need any test pls let me know, i will try to make for you.



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Sipgate generally requires activation, the send a letter to the postal address you set when creating the account.

This is a Sipgate issue not a config issue.


Thanks all, I think I entered my start code in incorrectly the first time around, all sorted now.

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