Sipdroid registration not working

Hey all!

I were using pbxes before wanting to mount my own pbx server. For now, I’m using a virtual machine connected to my private network and I installed freepbx with asterisk 10. This VM has its own internal IP and after 2 hours of config, I made my Asterisk server working.
I can register successfully with zoiper and echo test (*43) works very fine! But my phone with Sipdroid, connected to the same network refuse to register to the Asterisk box. I can ping and connect to SSH from the phone.

I’m sure this is a little thing to modify in config, but what?

Thank you for replies.


It would be worth looking in the Asterisk log file to see if there is anything there to suggest a reason for the registration failures. The log file is here: /var/log/asterisk/full.

Please be aware all you people who are trying to use VOIP over your android/apple/microsoft supported Cell phone contract (you are asking an exclusive entity that has you by the balls to provide free VSP in effect, they all laugh at you!!)

They don’t like it, they will not do it unless you drive them kicking and screaming to your local PUC . They will do anything they can to stop it working. Think about it, They still try and charge 45 cents per 144 characters for SMS as a base “cost”, Go do the math, they are DEFINITELY not on your side. . . .

Call this a conspiracy theory if you want, if udp/5060 don’t work on their network but ssh on 22 will, they probably have a rational and caged response, in many cases because they are “stateful” 5080 still won’t work either, they hate SIP, and if you look at their pricing you will understand why.

Not trying to stir anything up here, it’s just that i have been there and done that. In every situation I have been able to come up with a “workaround” usually an external proxy

good luck