SIP Trunks - Inbound/Outbound Routes

I’ve now fixed this problem. See resolution details below.

Hello people,

I’m having a few problems getting my new PBX install configured correctly and I’m hoping one of you might be able to point me in the right direction. The problems mainly focus around getting my sip trunk to work.

I singed up with sipgate to provide sip trunking for my PBX. Everything in FreePBX looks to be configured correctly. The statistics say the trunk is online and registered, and when I log into the sipgate admin portal it’s says by PBX is online and it shows my public IP address.

However, I’ve created a catch all inbound route (any DID, any CID) which is configured to forwarded calls onto the only local extension I have (1010). But the extension never rings when I call. I’ve called the number sipgate provided me with when I signed up, from my UK mobile (cell phone) and my UK land line.

The calls logs show the incoming calls arriving but they all have a “disposition” of NO ANSWER.


  1. 2010-04-13 18:40:56 SIP/Sipgat… 07767XXXXXX “07767XXXXXX” <07767XXXXXX> 1010 NO ANSWER 00:00

I’m no asterisk expert and I’m failing to see what the problem is, everything seems to be working fine up to the point where the call should arrive at my extension. I’m using an XLite softphone as the 1010 client and it’s logged in.

Here is the verbose log from asterisk when I’m making a call. The most interesting line with my limited knowledge is :-

– Couldn’t call 1010
== Everyone is busy/congested at this time (0:0/0/0)


I’ve now fixed this problem by changing the trunk Incoming Settings USER details allow value.

Before: allow=alaw&ulaw&G.726&gsm&g729&g723
After: allow=ulaw&alaw

The full working settings are :-

User Context: [SIP-ID]


Register String

It is appreciated as sure enough, someone will have a similar problem next week.