SIP Trunking Caller ID

My current setup involves a Trixbox CE (v2.6.2.2) installation with FreePBX (v5.5.1.7) and Asterisk (v1.4.21.2).

Currently CallerID information is provided by the SIP provider. However, I would like to use entries from the Asterisk phonebook to override the provided CallerID results when a match to either the name or number can be found.

I do have the Caller ID Sources module installed and the Source Type is configured as internal. Entries have been added to the Asterisk Phonebook; however, the information is not being used.

Can anyone provide assitance with this?


There is no such thing as FreePBX 5.5 that is the forked trixbox version.

You may get more help over at the forum but several of the guys who help over there (me included) have not touched the forked version.

I did not realize that… will take it back there.