SIP Trunk won't register

Can someone help me to diagnose my trunk not registering problem?

Here’s the case:
I have a modem with build in SIP accounts. The only thing i can configure on this is enable/disable. (horrible ISP in NL:KPN)

Nice thing is, i can connect my SIP Phone to it, works great. Can connect Xlite to it, works great. Can connect SIPdroid to it, works great(when on router WLAN of course).
Only thing i need: username: *105 Password:kpn and Modem IP:

So if it’s working with SIP, i should be able to register freepbx to it. Well, there’s my problem :frowning:

i’m getting: [2013-04-28 00:50:22] NOTICE[1667]: chan_sip.c:21321 handle_response_register: Failed to authenticate on REGISTER to ‘*[email protected]’ (Tries 3)

In freepbx my register string is: *105:[email protected]

Anyone willing to help me fix this?


I installed freepbx on my local machine connected to a DSL router (with a dynamic ip). Everything is ok, but just trunk registration failed. It show request sent.
my DSL’s router NAT server setting is as below:

Server Name External Port Start External Port End Protocol Internal Port Start Internal Port End Server IP Address WAN Interface Remove
freepbx 5060 5060 UDP 5060 5060 ppp0
freepbx 10000 20000 UDP 10000 20000 ppp0

my freepbx sip settings is as below:

Public IP Static IP Dynamic IP
External IP?
Local Networks? comp ip) /

please help.

thanks in advance.