SIP trunk w/o password (IP authentication)?

I have a friend that is changing-out an ESI system for a FreePBX box. Right now his ESI phone system is using a Broadvox trunk. The authentication is via IP only, no passwords.

We can tell BV to use a password but for testing purposes it would be nice to authenticate via IP so we can switch back to the ESI system, if need be.

Is there anything special we need to do in order to configure a SIP trunk w/o a password?

in your SIP settings

Allow Anonymous Inbound SIP Calls

But how do I setup a SIP trunk if I have no password? I’ve always included a password. Do I just eliminate secret from PEER DETAILS and not send the password in the register string?

Yes, you tell it where the server is by name or IP for outbound calls, for inbound, the VSP will send it to you, that’s why you accept anonymous calls.

You don’t have to allow anonymous inbound calls.

Just delete the secret line from the PEER details and delete the registration string.

However, this configuration may require you to forward ports, since there’s be no registration string to open the port for you.

I prefer to let my NAT Router open the port just for the recipient, and so I recommend that you enable passwords and let your registration string do the port forwarding for you…