SIP trunk to Panasonic NCP1000 - Call routing


I have configured FreePBX to connect with a Panasonic NCP1000 pbx system using the V-SIPGW16 virtual gateway in the Panasonic system.

Everything connects and users can call from the NCP1000 to FreePBX extensions, direct dial the extension number and it rings. However users of FreePBX can not dial back to extensions on the Panasonic system.
Everytime a FreePBX call is made to the NCP1000 system the call is picked up by the reception user on the Panasonic.
My initial thought is this is a trunk type issue on the Panasonic, the SIPGW16 card however does not appear to have any further options to change this to a private trunk for use with a TIE table.

Has anybody else come across this problem before? and how did you solve it?



Did you solve the problem? Check in Panasonic in menu 10-2 if the specific trunk channells are in DDI mode or DIL. A few days ago I had the same project and everything works great. If you still have problems let me know to post the settings I 've made in Panasonic and FreePBX.

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