SIP trunk routing incorrectly

I have a strange issue whereby an incoming international SIP trunk seems to be changing the incoming number from the SIP number to a landline number on the PBX, as a result it is routing incorrectly.
when the call comes in i see 22 lines of

Added extension ‘SIP NUMBER’ priority 1 to ext-did-002 (these number priority 1 - 11 but each line is duplicated).

The next line shows:

Accepting call from ‘SIP NUMBER’ to ‘LANDLINE NUMBER’ on channel 0/6, span 1 (again this line is duplicated).

From then it routes based on the ‘LANDLINE NUMBER’.

Testing with a different trunk results in the correct routing and I see

Executing ['SIP [email protected]:1] Set (“SIP/provider”, “GROUP() =OUT_7” in new stack.

And the call correctly reaches its destination. What I can’t figure out is why the first trunks is “converting” the SIP number into our main incoming line number


Ok, I figured it out… There was a forward from the SIP number to our PSTN number set at the provider. Removed and now working again.