SIP Trunk restart on failure

I am quite new to PBX stuff, although I have had my FreePBX up and running for about a year.
FreePBX with 4 Linksys SPA942.

My main issue I have at present is if I have any issues with my internet my Trunk stops working and doesnt come alive again automatically.

I have read posts about monitoring the trunk so I currently have alarm.agi installed which does notify me if a failure happens when someone is trying to make a call out, but doesnt notify me if the trunk goes offline.

I have also read that qualify=yes in the SIP conf file should fix this issue but again my trunk stays down if it goes offline.

The easiest and quickest way to get it registered again is to open the trunk configuration in the web admin, then click save (even though nothing has changed). Then if I click Apply Configuration my trunk registration goes green.

I normally only had one trunk, but have now created 3 trunks. Only 1 trunk has the incomming calls on it so if it is the one that goes down then ive no calls coming in.
(My SIP provider does have configuration options on their side that my calls get diverted to a different number (my mobile) if the link is down, but I would prefer the SIP registration to automatically connect again when available.

Hope you can help, if you need any more info or logs let me know,
Thanks in advance,