SIP Trunk rejects and then won't reconnect


I am running FreePBX and of late, my SIP Trunk fails then I get logs saying that it is rejected and will not reconnect.

The weird this is that I am running “SIP” as the Tech and I disable the trunk, have another PJSIP trunk with the exact settings and enable that, I get another 24 hours or so out of the trunk, then it will start logging the same error and I then disable the PJSIP trunk and revert to the SIP trunk and it comes good; it is a vicious cycle of doing this.

If I use Zoiper to connect to the trunk direct, it is solid for days.

Can anybody assist with what the issue may be?

Thank you

Seems like you are getting banned by your SIP Provider, perhaps work with them to see ehy you are getting banned

PBX (vice phone) connections often send additional headers that annoy your provider. Check with them on that.

Thanks all for your assistance; after looking in /var/lib/asterisk at the logs, it was showing that the DNS Server was becoming unreachable and it couldn’t resolve the SIP Registration address. After entering the address as an IP and adding a few more DNS servers into the config, it has been stable for days.

Thank you

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